Pulson 100


The Pulson 100 comes with a revolutionary patented US head, developed from high-frequency
technology that ensures constant maximum US output (almost all the electrical energy is
converted into mechanical waves) thanks to the automatic adjustment and perfect contact control.
This means that the therapy will be more effective and efficient.
This portable unit has all basic functions and is very user-friendly. A large LCD screen gives a clear
display of what you are doing during the treatment.

Ultrasound characteristics:

· US head 1MHz, 4 cm²
· Pulsed and continuous modes (100 - 50 - 40 - 30 - 20 - 10 %)
· Very clear LCD screen
· Visual and acoustic contact control
· 11 pre-programmed indications + one free mode
· Ergonomic US head
· Patented head technology

Standard equipment:

Mains lead US head, ERA 4 cm², incl. holder Contact gel, 500 ml Sets of photos of US head
placement.Safety Instructions Manual in English CD of manuals in all other languages.

Optional accessories

US head, 1 MHz, ERA 1 cm² Contact gel, 5 L Pump, 5 L Mobil 700, trolley, 2 shelves, 1 drawer
Extra shelf + drawer for Mobil 700 Bottle support for Mobil 700 Carrying bag

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